I have done two installations, both when I was studying at CalArts. I hope to make two more into reality someday.

WWhen I was a student there, CalArts let me stay an extra semester to work on this installation. Being that I am not a programmer, it was very challenging and Clay Chaplin (of Experimental Sound Practices) helped me a lot. Bugbot Prophesies was inspired by John Christopher’s children’s dystopic trilogy “The White Mountains.” The installation is an aquarium with little battery-operated bugs running round in it, and underneath it is a diorama-like 3-D scene of a wintery mountain scene. In the environment, light sensors are hidden, and when the bugbots cast a shadow on them, they trigger pitches that make sometimes beautiful, sometimes uncomfortable intervals. I made the intervals with the viola, voice, and whistles, all based on the fundamental pitch C. The pitches play through speakers in the room, creating an eerie environment under which one can hear the bugs running, and running. (video coming soon)