Fri Dec 16/Sat Dec 17
Playing with OCS at Teragram Ballroom, LA (with Ty Segall acoustic, Shannon Lay) Backing up the OCS with our beautiful trio with Eric KM Clark, violin and Emily Elkin, cello.
Sun Dec 18/Mon Dec 19
Playing with OCS at The Chapel, San Francisco (with Ty Segall acoustic, Shannon Lay)

OCS Memory Cut off head Image
“Memory of a Cut Off Head”
In Spring of 2017 I wrote string trio arrangements for an album by The OCS, called “Memory of a Cut Off Head” (available on Castle Face Records) It’s dark, folky, kind of 60s retro but mostly because of Brigid Dawson’s voice. Read about it in Brooklyn Vegan

Available now CORY HANSON SOLO RECORD: I highly recommend this album. It’s the first project I have written and arranged string arrangements outside of my own music, and I’m really into the final sound. Cory Hanson Unborn Capitalist from Limbo, Drag City. Order here.


MARSHWEED “Marshweed in the Garden,” a collection of eleven original songs, artwork and design by Heather Lockie. Co-produced by myself and Clay Chaplin.

Julia Holter says, “What a rich colorful album, and the text content is so unified around this imagery of growth and seeds and soil and creatures, pain and drudgery of life, beauty of life etc…”

Bobby Martin says, “Reminds me of a series of emotional firsts. There is a clarity within the eye of the vocalist who hasn’t let the evil of the world penetrate her shell. Not a drop of contamination…only buoyancy and brightness, shining so boldly in my ears it makes me look at the dark and the light within myself.”

Digital trax and CDs available HERE.

The Royal US went into the studio and recorded a rendition of the Bahamian folk song “All My Trials”…special thanks to Brian Saia, Max Kutner, Steven van Betten!

• I’m happy to be playing some shows these days with Rob Laufer and his incredible band. Check out his some of awesome songs here!

• This beautiful little record that I wrote string trio arrangements for and played on is available for pre-order now thru Drag City Records. Congrats Cory Hanson! Brooklyn Vegan review here.

• Listen to a couple preview tracks from new Marshweed solo record No. 2. are on the bandcamp page (click on “Marshweed” to go there)! This incarnation of Marshweed is me, and whomever I am working with at the moment, in this case musician Clay Chaplin. Also with help from some very talented friends…..

LA READERS CHORUS performed “Wedding; Funeral” (words Shawn Lockie, music/arr Heather Lockie) at Automata, Nov 2015.

• Earlier this year video artist Jordan Biren asked me to make a series of scores for performance pieces. The two images to the left are different graphics representing the music for his text piece “Letter,” and to the right is music for “Walk.” (see larger images in “Paintings/Scores”)

threethirds_ohohoh_cover•New release out now! • Three Thirds welcomes to the world its first release of original folk and pop tunes called “Oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh!”, covering subjects like “origins of bringing water to Los Angeles” (Owens Valley), “our favorite freeway” (The Five), and “that one hijacker who got away” (DB Cooper). Exciting stuff! I wrote two songs on this and am quite happy about the whole cd.

Released Mar 2015. Click on cover art to listen or order.

• New release out now! Three Thirds is this awesome, quite original folk band I play in. This is a compilation of Woody Guthrie songs that we re-arranged to suit our weird polyrhythmic and noisy needs. Click on cover art to listen or order.
KFJC review


• Three Thirds’ latest video to Heather’s song “Ballad of the Bird & Worm.” We got to make pasta! Edited by Katherine Dohan.

• Sept 2015: My new scheduling website for teaching is up! It is
Here’s some photos we took after the last Winter Music Gathering (…”winter”). They are actually quite hard working despite what it might look like in the photos :)


Children’s book “HOW RAVEN STOLE THE LIGHT” for Paragon Charter Schools (Preview of the first 7 of 18 panels).

Story by Paragon; Illustrations by Heather Lockie


Children’s book “RISHIKA, THE RICE AND THE RAJAH” for Paragon Charter Schools.

Story by Paragon; Illustrations by Heather Lockie


Children’s book “SACRED RIVER” for Paragon Charter Schools.

Story by Paragon; Illustrations by Heather Lockie


Scores by students of the Graphic Score Workshop that I taught in Blue Diamond, NV, 2013

Last year at a music festival I taught a graphic score workshop for all ages. Some people were trained musicians and composers, and others had no experience in this field. I divided the 2-hour class into 3 parts: 1) what is a graphic score? 2) how to make a graphic score? (in this case using acrylics) and 3) making a group score and having musicians play it. The final part of the workshop was where things got really interesting. We divided into two groups, and each group organized and painted a group score. Three volunteer musicians played one of them at the end of the workshop. I wish I had recorded it. People in the class were very perceptive listeners and thinkers, and sharing our perceptions after the performance was fascinating. Here are some (sadly, lo-res) shots of some of the scores that came of the workshop:


Some selected paintings


Some selected graphic scores

Music Videos and Live Performance

December 2013:
3/3rds in the woods! We made a music video for Alex’ song “Reverend Elisha Mitchell” at our recent songwriting residency at Hill House, Dec. 2013 (special thanks to Yvonne, Jen, Brad, Amanda and everyone at ISLAND)


May 2013:
sound. at the Baldwin HIlls Scenic Overlook: MURAL. Video by Andy Featherstone. Sound by Alejandro Cohen.

June 2013:
3/3rds play “Buffalo Skinner” at Claire Chenette Solo Concert @ Beyond Baroque. And a killer Berio Sequenza VIIa by Claire after… Song by Woody Guthrie, performed by 3/3rds: Claire Chenette, Heather Lockie, Jake Rosenzweig, Alex Wand. Video by Rasika Ruwanpathirana using an audio feed from Jim Fleck.


April 2013:
“Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night” 3/3rds at MicroFest. Text: Dylan Thomas, music: Alex Wand.


January 2012:
The Royal US play Doc Boggs’ “False-Hearted Lover”. Performed by Max Kutner and Heather Lockie. Video by Alex Herboche.


July 2012:
“When You’re Young” by Marshweed – Directed by Susanna Battin (2012)
Song by Heather Lockie, performed by Marshweed: Heather Lockie, Shawn Lockie, Laura Steenberge, Sarah Hodges.


August 2011:
Earmeal Performance – Heather Lockie with: Archie Carey bassoon; Claire Chenette oboe and vox; Julia Holter vox; Alex Sramek contrabass clarinet.


“Voice of the Future” by Listing Ship – Directed by James Fletcher (2008)
From the album “A Hull Full of Oil and Bone”. Song by Lyman Chaffee, performed by Listing Ship: Julie Carpenter, Lyman Chaffee, Kyle C. Kyle, Heather Lockie, Shawn Lockie, Laura Steenberge, Michael Whitmore. Listing Ship thanks: James Fletcher, Cosmo Segurson, John Collinson…some sick talented people!


“Empire State Project: First visitor to the top” – Directed by Cosmo Segurson (2007)
Music by Heather Lockie; Narration by Shawn Lockie


“She Turned 65” – by Heather Lockie. Performed by Marshweed @ Machine Project.


May 2007:
“Honeybee” – by Laura Steenberge. Video by Stephanie Kern.

“Lanterns” – by Heather Lockie. Performed by Marshweed, with Shawn Lockie. Exerpt from Emily Lacy’s “Looking for Technology. Camera by Jimmy Fusil.



New/old collection of songs recorded on tour with other bands, in dressing rooms and basements all over the world.


“Dryads” (2012)
For six string players. Performed by: Lauren Baba, violin; Kristin Thora Haraldsdottir, viola; Heather Lockie, viola; Betsy Rettig, cello; Jake Rosenzweig, bass; Stephanie Smith, violin. Recorded by Clay Chaplin.

Bugbot Prophesies sounds:
These are some clusters that might be heard in the sound installation “Bugbot Prophesies” (2011)
A Song of the Bugbot

Improvisation for Solo Viola (Dec 2011)
I recorded this track with the interface I made at the STEIM Residency in 2011. The interface is a bridge between the acoustic viola and various filters in MaxMSP.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Archie and Heather @ Emi’s Part I

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Archie and Heather @ Emi’s Part II

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.



“Wild as in Familiar” (2012) – This is a collaborative mother/daughter album of poetry and sound. Ellaraine Lockie wrote and read; I did the sound design and the music. We recorded the spoken word at an artist residency that we jointly attended (thank you, CENTRUM), and it was a beautiful albeit imperfect audio environment in which to record. Considering that we were relatively in the middle of nowhere on the coast of Washington, we had to compete with an amazing number of vehicles, from airplanes to cars to freighter ships moving through the channel miles away from where we were. (Later, in post-production, I learned about the power of X-Noise because of this.) I brought the recordings back to Los Angeles, where I worked on the music. The strictures I set for myself were that all sounds had to originate from either my mouth or my viola, and except for a little renegade ocarina and bell, that’s pretty much how all the sound happened. It is a very exciting project and was really fun to do. That was a surprise to me because I had never had any interest in combining sound with poetry; in fact, initially it sounded like a horrible idea to me. Also, I don’t think my mother had any idea what she was getting into when she asked me to do this, and I think she about threw a gasket when we were recording the spoken word part of it. For a non-musician, she showed an amazing amount of patience and fortitude at the microphone. My mom rocks! And you should order the collection.

Lanterns (from forthcoming Marshweed album)

Seed Clouds (rough mix)

The Fury and the Furious Dove</>

BAND LINKS, old and new:

3/3rds with Alex Wand, Claire Chenette and friends LINK COMING SOON
The Royal US with Max Kutner and Steven Van Betten LINK COMING SOON

Listing Ship
Leather Hyman