Heather Lockie is a musician, teaching artist and visual artist based in Los Angeles. She teaches improvisation on violin/viola, classical violin/viola/piano and composition. She plays viola, banjo, paints, sings songs and writes folk music. She has a master’s degree from California Institute of the Arts (Performer/Composer focus) and a BA from Occidental College (Comp Lit: French/English).

Currently she teaches tiny children to unleash tiny noises on tiny violas, or tiny children on gigantic pianos. Some of them have graduated to medium violas, and are making medium noises. On the other hand, as her piano students grow, the pianos simply get less gigantic. She also illustrates children’s stories and paints pictures.

Currently Heather is working with audio person, musician and special-person-in-her-life Clay Chaplin on a solo record of her songs called “Marshweed in the Garden.” It will be pop/folk songs encrusted with some silver and purple glitter. She plays with 3/3rds and The Royal US. Lockie has played and toured as a backing musician with international artists such as Syd Straw, Fun., Spiritualized, Arthur Lee/LOVE, Eels, as well as with various independent bands including her own projects Marshweed, Listing Ship and Leather Hyman.¬†She has performed at diverse venues, from LACMA, The Museum of Jurassic Technology and The Hammer Museum to world-renowned venues such as the Royal Albert Hall in London, Letterman, Leno, and various DIY spaces throughout America (treehouses, attics, RVs).

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