I have painted since I was a child. I was always doodling, so my parents thought I should study drawing. I took charcoal, pen and ink, and oil lessons until I was 16. When my amazing art teacher Giselle Shaha died, I began teaching the other kids who had been in her studio. (And that was my introduction to private teaching.)

My visual art background comes in handy when working on music, and I hope to make more graphic scores and perform them over the course of my life.

Below are select graphic scores that I’ve done over the last couple years:

Below are selected paintings I’ve done over the last few, and many, years:


Scores by students of the Graphic Score Workshop that I taught in Blue Diamond, NV, 2013:

Last year at a music festival I taught a graphic score workshop for all ages. Some people were trained musicians and composers, and others had no experience in this field. I divided the 2-hour class into 3 parts: 1) what is a graphic score? 2) how to make a graphic score? (in this case using acrylics) and 3) making a group score and having musicians play it. The final part of the workshop was where things got really interesting. We divided into two groups, and each group organized and painted a group score. Three volunteer musicians played one of them at the end of the workshop. I wish I had recorded it. People in the class were very perceptive listeners and thinkers, and sharing our perceptions after the performance was fascinating. Here are some (sadly, lo-res) shots of some of the scores that came of the workshop: