English Tutoring

English Tutoring: Rates and Policy
I have tutored English grammar, reading, writing and critical thinking for nearly 20 years. Students come to me solely by parent or personal referral, and generally a tutoring session is two hours once or twice a week, depending on the goals and needs of the student. I have a BA in Comparative Literature from Occidental College in Los Angeles, CA, and am a long-time grammar freak. I teach primarily private English lessons, although in special cases will teach semi-private or small groups. Lessons range from beginning English and grammar to new speakers of English as well as advanced critical reading and writing for high school AP classes and SAT tutoring. Each student is unique, and lessons cater to the abilities and goals of the student. Parental input is encouraged. I have an infectious love for language that I pass along to students. Topics covered, depending on student needs, include:

Reading, from basic decoding to critical analysis of advanced English

Grammar, beginning to advanced

Speaking, formal and conversational

Writing, from colloquial to formal essays

Learning to love reading

Please contact me if you have questions and are interested in taking lessons.


(For individual lessons only. Contact for semi-private rates.)

In Studio (Highland Park, Los Angeles):
2-hour session: $110
1-hour session: $60

In Student’s Home:
2-hour session: $120
1-hour session: $70

Please note: Only in certain circumstances will 1-hour lessons be available. This will be on a case-by-case basis and up to the discretion of the instructor.


1. Payment––Payment for each lesson must be received before or at the beginning of each scheduled lesson. No exceptions will be made to this policy.

Students may choose one of the following options:
❏ Option A––Full month’s payment is due by the first lesson of each month. Payments may be cash or check, brought to the first lesson of each month.

❏ Option B––Payments are made on a lesson-by-lesson basis. Note: Students who neglect to bring payment to each lesson will automatically be put on a monthly payment plan.

2. Cancellations––Upcoming lessons must be cancelled or rescheduled no later than 24 hours ahead of time. A lesson that is cancelled without sufficient notice will be designated as “missed” and will be charged as a full lesson. A make-up lesson may be offered in some circumstances, at the teacher’s discretion. No exceptions will be made to this policy.

3. Teacher cancellations––The teacher may cancel a lesson with 24 hours’ notice. The student may opt to receive a make-up lesson or cancel altogether. Lessons cancelled with sufficient notice will be credited to the following month. On the rare occasion that the teacher must cancel a lesson with less than 24 hours’ notice, the student will receive an additional lesson’s credit for the following month.

4. Billing rate––Student billing rates may be adjusted at any time with one month’s notice. All rate adjustments will be published in writing for reference.

5. Starting time––Lessons will begin and end on time. The teacher will wait 10 minutes if the student is late. Lessons that begin late will still end at the scheduled ending time.