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Teaching Philosophy
I teach private and semi-private music lessons as well as tutor English grammar and critical reading. I harbor a special love of grammar and language which manifests itself in proofreading anything around her (sometimes to others’ chagrin). I think there are many ways to teach, depending on the students and their goals as well as chemistry between teacher and student. My most successful students study with me for years, and lessons are based in a solid personal relationship that lies somewhere between teacher, mentor and friend. English students have gone on to schools such as Washington University, Cornell and Berkeley. Music students become sophisticated not only in reading written music, but also in the very different world of improvising. I treat children like “people” as opposed to “children”, with mutual respect and humor being integral parts of the learning process. The student’s involvement and dedication to the homework I assign influence how quickly lessons progress. In other words, the teacher-student relationship is a two-way street. In addition, I encourage parental involvement, especially for children under eight.

With music students, I focus on improvisation, solidifying basic technique/note reading/theory, composition and discovering joy in making sound no matter what the level of the student. We also enjoy bi-yearly music gatherings, which are like recitals, but fun.

With English students, I work from the Newbery Award Winners list and from several core grammar and writing books.

My clientele revolves around parental and personal referrals.