Performance/Music Videos

March 2014
Three Thirds’ latest video to Heather’s song “Ballad of the Bird & Worm.” We got to make pasta! Edited by Katherine Dohan.

Dec 2013
3/3rds in the woods! We made a music video for Alex’ song “Reverend Elisha Mitchell” at our recent songwriting residency at Hill House. (special thanks to Yvonne, Jen, Brad, Amanda and everyone at ISLAND)

May 2013
sound. at the Baldwin HIlls Scenic Overlook: MURAL. Video by Andy Featherstone. Sound by Alejandro Cohen.

June 2013
3/3rds play “Buffalo Skinner” at Claire Chenette Solo Concert @ Beyond Baroque. And a killer Berio Sequenza VIIa by Claire after… Song by Woody Guthrie, performed by 3/3rds: Claire Chenette, Heather Lockie, Jake Rosenzweig, Alex Wand. Video by Rasika Ruwanpathirana using an audio feed from Jim Fleck.

April 2013
“Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night” 3/3rds at MicroFest. Text: Dylan Thomas, music: Alex Wand.

January 2012
The Royal US play Doc Boggs’ “False-Hearted Lover”. Performed by Max Kutner and Heather Lockie. Video by Alex Herboche.


July 2012:
“When You’re Young” by Marshweed – Directed by Susanna Battin (2012)
Song by Heather Lockie, performed by Marshweed: Heather Lockie, Shawn Lockie, Laura Steenberge, Sarah Hodges.


August 2011:
Earmeal Performance – Heather Lockie with: Archie Carey bassoon; Claire Chenette oboe and vox; Julia Holter vox; Alex Sramek contrabass clarinet.


“Voice of the Future” by Listing Ship – Directed by James Fletcher (2008)
From the album “A Hull Full of Oil and Bone”. Song by Lyman Chaffee, performed by Listing Ship: Julie Carpenter, Lyman Chaffee, Kyle C. Kyle, Heather Lockie, Shawn Lockie, Laura Steenberge, Michael Whitmore. Listing Ship thanks: James Fletcher, Cosmo Segurson, John Collinson…some sick talented people!


“Empire State Project: First visitor to the top” – Directed by Cosmo Segurson (2007)
Music by Heather Lockie; Narration by Shawn Lockie


“She Turned 65” – by Heather Lockie. Performed by Marshweed @ Machine Project.


May 2007:
“Honeybee” – by Laura Steenberge. Video by Stephanie Kern.

“Lanterns” – by Heather Lockie. Performed by Marshweed, with Shawn Lockie. Exerpt from Emily Lacy’s “Looking for Technology. Camera by Jimmy Fusil.