• 2009-2012. California Institute of the Arts. Valencia CA
Master of Fine Arts (MFA), Performer-Composer/Integrated Media
Focus: Viola performance; Composition; Installation
Professors: Sara Roberts, Composition; Ulrich Krieger, Composition; Lorenz Gamma, viola; Marc
Lowenstein, songwriting; Wolfgang Von Schweinitz, intonation.
• 1986-1991. Occidental College. LA CA
Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Comparative Literature (French/English). Minored in Music.
• 1978-1986. Public School art/music programs; Private Art Lessons.
Teachers: Giselle Shaha, painting/drawing; Mrs. Myers, piano; Christine Sigg, viola. Sunnyvale CA

• June 2011-present. Owner and Private Music/Composition Teacher at “Miss Heather’s
Magical Music”. Teach violin/viola/piano/banjo, composition, improvisation, songwriting, music
arrangement, intonation. For the last 3 years I have programmed and produced bi-yearly
concerts for my students and families: part pot-luck, part community gathering, part recital.
• June 2011-present. Teaching Artist with Harmony Project at Longfellow Elementary (Pasadena).
Teach viola, violin, musicianship, composition to children in sectionals and full orchestra.
• 2004-2009. Viola Mentor for Southwest Chamber Music and American Youth Symphony
Outreach Programs. Worked with students semi-privately and in orchestras in junior high/high
schools in LA.
• 1995-2008. Private Teacher (English/Music/Art). Tutored reading comp, grammar/vocab, writing,
critical thinking with focus on SAT/ESL. With music students, I taught violin, viola, piano.
• 1991-1994. Multi-Subject Teacher at Optimist Home for Boys and at The Sycamores, non-public
schools for severely emotionally disturbed children/teens. I ran a classroom, taught basic multi-
subject curriculum, assessed children for Individual Education Programs (IEP), wrote and
implemented IEPs, dodged flying chairs. LA and Altadena CA

• July 2014. Graphic Scoring Workshop for children. Introduced graphic scoring/notation to
group of children aged 8-10; led them in making and playing their own score ideas. Alhambra CA
• June 2013. Graphic Scoring Workshop. Led group in making individual and group graphic scores
using paint and other mediums. Scores were played by professional musicians at the workshop.
Jam at the Barn Music Festival. Blue Diamond NV
• March 2012. Children’s Electronic Music and Stringed Instruments Workshop. Demo/lecture on
an electronic interface for my viola that I designed and made at STEIM Residency. Longfellow
Elementary School, made possible by Verdugo Young Musicians Ass’n (VYMA). Pasadena CA
• April 2012. Graphic Scoring Workshop for children. Introduced graphic scoring/notation to
group of children aged 7-10; led them in making and playing their own score ideas. South
Pasadena Music Conservatory. South Pasadena CA

FREELANCE ILLUSTRATOR (1991-present). Mediums are primarily pen and ink, oil, charcoal.
Projects have included record/cd covers, book illustrations, illustrations for textbooks and
educational curricula, portraits, graphic scores.

• MARSHWEED – Original songs by Heather Lockie with guest performers.
• THE ROYAL US – Improvisatory deconstruction of old folk songs. I play viola and choose material.
• THREE THIRDS – Original folk and pop songs. I play viola and write/arrange.

• 2012 – Carson Daly with FUN. (live at The Troubador)
• 2010 – Violist in film “GREENBERG” (Dir. Noah Baumbach)
• 2010 – Property Master in film “NIC & TRISTAN GO MEGA DEGA” (Dir. Mark Segurson)
• 2008 – Jay Leno with Scott Wieland (Stone Temple Pilots)
• 2006/7 – David Letterman, Jools Holland, Jay Leno, Craig Ferguson, Carson Daly with Eels

• 2015 Three Thirds, CA
• 2014 2015 LOVE Revisited, CA
• 2009 Mike Kelley, NYC
• 2008 Spiritualized, East/West Coast
• 2008 Listing Ship, Italy (local band)
• 2006-2007 Eels With Strings, Europe, Australia, USA
• 2004 Arthur Lee/LOVE, USA
• 1997-2004 Leather Hyman/ WACO (Wild Acoustic Chamber Orchestra), USA, Italy

Scott Wieland (Stone Temple Pilots), Brian Wilson (Beach Boys), Macy Grey, Living
Things, Dave Pajo, Sparklehorse, Mike Kelley, Three Thirds, The Royal US, Marshweed, Nomi
Epstein, Ursula Brookbank, Lavender Diamond, Listing Ship, Bodies of Water, WACO, Tommy
Santee Klaws, F-Stop Serenade, others

• Oct 2015 – Score/Recording for new video work for artist J. Biren. LA CA
• Dec 2014 – Graphic Score/Performance/Recording for 2 new works for artist J. Biren. LA CA
• Mar 2014 – Score/Performance for film “MELNA.CEP” by U. Brookbank. REDCAT Theatre. LA CA
• June 2013 – Album Cover Painting for 45″ Record, Secret Museum of Kind Men Volume III. 8″x15″, Gouache. Casual Acid (Label). LA CA
• Aug 2010 – Wrote/recorded score for movie “SLVR.HNDS” by J. Biren and U. Brookbank. LA CA
• June 2010 – Painting for Viralnet Exhibition @ Museum of Jurassic Technology. 9″x14″, Gouache
and charcoal. LA CA

• Feb 2016 – (upcoming) Wild Honey Orchestra Presents Beach Boys (Autism Benefit). Glendale CA
• Nov 2015 – Premiere of new music, “Wedding; Funeral, Parts 1-5,” by Heather Lockie, for Readers’
Chorus @ Automata. LA CA
• Aug 2015 – Miss Heather’s Magical Music Fall Music Gathering! LA, CA
• June 2015 – LOVE Revisited performance @ Moose Lodge (violist). Santa Monica CA
• June 2015 – Marshweed performance at Jam at the Barn Festival, Blue Diamond NV
• April 2015 – Marshweed solo performance @ Ecofest Festival. Ventura CA
• April 2015 – Royal US at Avant Folk Festival @ California Institute of the Arts. Valencia CA
• April 2015 – Guest violist with singer/songwriter Syd Straw @ McCabe’s. Santa Monica CA
• Mar 2015 – Three Thirds Record Release of “Oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh!”, Moryork Gallery. LA CA
• Mar 2015 – Wild Honey Orchestra Performs “The White Album” (Autism Benefit). Glendale CA
• Mar 2015 – Premiere of new music, “Wedding; Funeral, Parts 1-2,” by Heather Lockie, for Readers’
Chorus @ Velaslavasay Panorama Theatre. LA CA
• Dec 2014 – Miss Heather’s Magical Music Winter Music Gathering! LA CA
• June 2014 – Premiere of new music, “Meditation on Influence,” by Heather Lockie for DOGSTAR
Festival @ The Wulf. LA CA
• May 2014 – Three Thirds performance, Museum of the Arroyo Day @ Pasadena Museum. CA
• April 2014 – EPFC Film Night, performed score written by Heather Lockie for Ursula Brookbank’s film
“MELNA.CEP”, solo viola, REDCAT Theater. LA CA
• Mar 2014 – Marshweed solo performance at Ecofest Festival. Ventura CA
• Mar 2014 – Marshweed solo performance at Earth Arbor Day Festival. Santa Clarita CA
• Mar 2014 – Three Thirds plays Microfest New Music Festival, Artshare. LA CA
• Dec 2013 – Miss Heather’s Magical Music Winter Music Gathering! LA CA
• Jul 2013 – Miss Heather’s Magical Music Summer Music Gathering! LA CA
• June 2013 – Violist in play “Starcrosser’s Cut” (Dir. Joe Tepperman), Son of Semele Theatre. LA CA
• May 2013 – Performed w/ J. Denley/K. Muir @ Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook, SASSAS. Clvr City CA
• Mar 2013 – Three Thirds performance @ Beyond Baroque. Venice CA
• Mar 2013 – Lavender Diamond performance @ Echoplex (violist). LA CA
• Nov 2012 – Premiere of Installation: “BUGBOT: Through the Listening Glass”, by Heather
Lockie, for NEWTOWN Festival. Pasadena CA
• Jul 6, 2012 – AIR/EAR: Instalacion Radial, radio broadcast piece by Heather Lockie. San Justo/
Santa Fe, Argentina
• Jul 2012 – NEWTOWN “Star Wagons” Festival, “BUGBOT PROPHESIES” Mixed Media Sound
Installation. Pasadena CA
• May 2012 – Performed Cage quartet, John Cage Tribute night, @ FreehandGallery. WeHo CA
• May 2012 – “BUGBOT PROPHESIES” Mixt Media Sound Installation @ CalArts. Valencia CA
• April 2012 – Performed at Joshua Tree Art Residency w/ Adam Tinkle, @ JTNM. Joshua Tree CA
• Mar 2012 – Premiere of new music, “Dryads”, by Heather Lockie @ Pieter. LA CA
• Feb 2012 – Performed music of Michael Pisaro and legendary Tokyo guitarist/composer Taku
Sugimoto, @ The Wulf. LA CA
• Jan 2012 – Violist in Mungo Thomson’s “Crickets” @ Pacific Standard Time Festival, Greystone
Mansion. Beverly Hills CA
• June 2011 – Premiere of new music, “Duet for Mechanical Spirits and Familiars (for three car horns
and three instruments) ” by Heather Lockie, Dogstar Festival @ CalArts. Valencia CA
• May 2011- Performed in David Smith Retrospective at Resnick Pavilion @ LACMA. Violist in artist
Scott Benzell’s “Concentric Circles (after David Smith)”. LA CA
• Mar 2011 – Solo MFA II thesis show: “Campfire Weddings and Hillside Graves.” Multi-media story
narrated with music, puppetry and live animation. Written, co-produced, performed by
Heather Lockie. Valencia CA

• 2013 – Songwriting Residency with band Three Thirds (3 weeks) @ ISLAND Residency, MI
• 2012 – Artist-in-Residence (2 weeks) @ STEIM. Amsterdam NL
• 2012, 2011, 2010 – Artist-in-Residence @ Centrum Artist Residency (2 wks each), Pt Townsend WA
• 2011 – “Luminis Sphaera” Residency @ “CalArts in a Suitcase” Festival. PACT-Zollverein, Essen, DE
• 2011 – Artist-in-Residence (2 weeks) @ STEIM. Amsterdam NL
• 2010 – Singing By Numbers Residency (1 month) @ Hammer Museum. Westwood CA

2015 Marshweed “Marshweed in the Garden” (full length CD, in production)
2014 Three Thirds “Oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh!” (full length CD, self release)
2014 Three Thirds “Buffalo Skinner: A Tribute to Woody Guthrie” (EP self release)
2013 The Royal US “…and You” (full length CD, self release)
2008 Listing Ship “A Hull Full of Oil and Bone” (full length CD, self release)
2006 Marshweed “Marshweed’s Greatest Hits!” (full length CD, self release)
2006 Listing Ship “Time to Dream” (full length CD, TCCDs)
2002 Listing Ship “Dance Class Revolution” (full length CD, TCCDs)
2000 Listing Ship “Sunshine and Other Forms of Radiation” (full length CD,TCCDs)
1998 Leather Hyman “Host Body” (full length CD, Frozen Hound Recordings)

Fluent in French; working knowledge of Spanish and Italian.

Black and white paintings and illustrations; electronics; New Wave;
portable living environments; banjo; piano; cooking; gardening.